How did the Green Makerspace emerge?

In early 2013 the voluntary organization Vedvarende Energi in Sønderborg applied to Ministry of the Environment for funding for Green Enthusiasts to create a workshop. The application was approved and necessary funding provided for setting up:

The experimental and inspiring Climate and Environment Workshop

Local entrepreneur factory iFabrikken emerged as the ideal location to accommodate the workshop. In order to benefit its local members and improve the environment for various professionals in Sønderborg, IDA Sønderjylland (The Danish Society of Engineers) joined to support.

The next step was the foundation of the Green Makerspace Support Association, where volunteers work on the maintenance, development and sustainability of the Green Makerspace workshop.

Green Makerspace has had the pleasure to have many different sponsors and volunteers in terms of time, materials and equipment. We are proud and grateful for all the support and we foresee a green future.